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It’s time to take this off the to-do list and get it done!

6 out of 10 adults in America do not have a will according to a new survey from

What are the main reasons why people don’t have a will yet? 1. They “hadn’t gotten around to it” 47% of the answers 2. “Don’t have enough assets to leave to anyone” 29% of the answers.

If you have children, it is so important to have a will! We work hard to ensure we take good care of our families. Yet this same survey shows that a mere 36% of parents with children under 18 years old have a will! Parents, take a few minutes out of your day and make this a priority. There is nothing more prized than our children!

By Age Group

  • 72+ Years 81% have a will
  • Baby Boomers 53-71 years old 60% have a will
  • Generation X 37-52 years old 36% have a will
  • Millennials 16-36 years old 22% have a will

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