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Nobody Likes To Talk About This… But We Should All Consider Taking Action!

Let’s talk about the issue of medical decision-making rights when a person becomes incapacitated, or is left in a persistent vegetative state.

While it is human nature to think that these unfortunate events could never happen to us or to our loved ones, the harsh truth is that as long as we are alive, there always exists the risk that some tragic life event could result leaving us in a position of incapacity or reliance on life support.

Events and medical conditions like this are far more common than we would like to believe. So what happens to you when the unimaginable happens? The answer to that question largely depends on how well you plan for your future.

Now, back to our question. How do we plan accordingly to have our wishes followed in the event of the unimaginable? The Florida Legislature has enacted Chapter, 765 of the Florida Statutes titled “Health Care Advance Directives” which allows us to make these difficult forward-looking decisions with regard to our health. While the legislature has accounted for those who do not execute a health care surrogate / advance directive1, do we really want to leave these valuable decisions in the hands of the state? -My guess, probably not.

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1 § 765.401, Florida Statutes. (Referring to “The Proxy” for those with an “Absence of an Advanced Directive”).

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