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Foreclosure in Florida

When you are served with a “summons” with a complaint for foreclosure attached in Florida, the clock immediately starts! You typically have only 20 days to file a response. If you fail to file a response, the lender’s attorneys will have a huge advantage and will seek to default you. The default could end any recourse that you might have. The next step may be a Motion for Default Summary Judgment, and you may simply lose your property shortly after this point.

If you feel your home is in jeopardy the best thing you can do is contact a foreclosure attorney as soon as possible. Do Not Delay. Prepare yourself for any action by the lender and this will give you the best opportunity to keep your home.

As your Tampa foreclosure defense attorney, Brown & Associates will review your case, discuss your options with you, and help you make the best decisions when the lender’s lawyer takes action. If we are hired to represent you, then we will be there for any court action that might take place.

If you are in foreclosure, your need an experienced foreclosure defense attorney. Contact Brown & Associates, your Tampa foreclosure lawyer.

In Florida the foreclosure process is known as a judicial foreclosure.
This means that once the homeowner is in default and goes into “foreclosure,” the home can be sold through the courts. This typically involves an auction process. In other states the process is known as a non-judicial foreclosure and the home can be sold without going through the courts and the legal process. California uses this type of foreclosure.

Before the actual date of the auction, there are many options for YOU, the homeowner.

Let us help you stay in your home.