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FAR/BAR Contract Revision

Why is this important you may ask? On April 4, 2017, a new version to the FAR/BAR Contract was unveiled. Among several significant changes is the addition of language set forth in Paragraph 9 (c). The new language now defines a Municipal Lien Search. It is now... read more

Homestead Exemption

One's Constitutional Homestead - Mass Confusion!!! In real estate and mortgage closings, homestead issues arise frequently and there tends to be confusion between the definition of a person's homestead and one's Constitutional Homestead. The homestead exemptio... read more

Student Loan Crisis

The Student Loan Debt Crisis It is estimated that over 40 million Americans have outstanding student loans, averaging more than $35,000 per student, and totaling upwards of $1.4 trillion in total debt. What is more concerning than the volume, is the fact that ... read more

FAR/BAR Real Estate Contract

FAR/BAR Real Estate Contract As of April 4, 2017, the newest revisions to the FAR/BAR “Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase” have gone into effect. This latest version contains some minor changes as well as a major overhaul of “Paragraph 8 – Fina... read more

Bankruptcy’s Special Inheritance Rule

Bankruptcy’s Special Inheritance Rule For nearly all intents and purposes, the filing of a bankruptcy case draws a line in the sand of time. This normally means that any assets or income which are earned after filing the case do not become part of the bankru... read more

Bankruptcy Filing For Married Couples

Filing jointly not only relieves both spouses of the financial responsiblity, but it saves money! When deciding to file for bankruptcy, married individuals can elect to file either individually, jointly, or separately. It would be rare for a couple to want to ... read more

Rental Application Rights

A landlord renting a property has rights in selecting a tenant. Tenants also have rights about the factors that can be considered in selection. While most landlord-tenant issues are governed by states and localities, Federal fair housing laws apply to tenant s... read more

Eviction Rights and Rules

The conditions and steps involved in a landlord forcing a tenant to leave a rented property - 'eviction' - are defined by state and local laws. As both landlord and tenants have legal rights, eviction requires methodical and documented steps. Unpaid rent would... read more

Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy is a set of legally-defined ways for individuals or businesses to settle debts without full payment, by following rules that govern their assets and financial actions for a period of time. There are two broad types, liquidation and reorganization. Un... read more

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